October 18, 2022

The holiday season is just around the corner, and travelers are still eager to make up for travel time lost as a result of the pandemic. This year we know it’s not a question of if people will travel over the holidays, but how they will travel. Gas prices are coming down significantly, and experts believe inflation peaked over the summer. According to search data from Expedia featured in Insider, the number of travelers flying during the winter holidays is expected to meet, and perhaps go beyond, pre-pandemic levels. 

Rising costs are now the most significant barrier to travel, eclipsing pandemic-related fears, and travel trends will continue to reflect that change. People are adapting the way they travel and how they book, and the travel industry is shifting accordingly and ready to look ahead to what some are already deeming the golden age of travel. While prices and air travel reliability continue to fluctuate, consumers are making it work for their holiday vacations – that trend remains unchanged. 

The following is a summary of trends and industry shifts that MMGY NJF has compiled from recent media feedback, widespread coverage, industry conferences and webinars:


Younger travelers are prioritizing culinary experiences during their trips, with both Gen Zs and Millennials taking the quality of the culinary scene into consideration when choosing where to stay in a destination. Travelers in these age demographics appreciate local authenticity in their dining experiences over more staid fine-dining experiences, such as Michelin-starred restaurants.

From choosing a destination to curating an itinerary, social media continues to play an important role in travel planning. According to MMGY’s 2022 Portrait of American Travelers® “Fall Edition” survey, nearly 6 in 10 Millennials have made a travel purchase based at least partially on a post by a celebrity or influencer. The reach of digital content creators remains an impactful and effective tool in today’s travel marketing landscape.

While not necessarily travel related, midterm elections will be taking place on November 8 of this year. This political season will have ripple effects across all sectors, and will likely impact journalists’ positioning and take up valuable media space.



Gift Guide Season – Along with making travel plans, holiday gifts are beginning to creep to the forefront of consumers’ minds. Holiday gift guides are about to pop up everywhere, from retail items to travel lists. We recommend having your own gift guide at the ready that incorporates your product, service or destination. This season, let’s give the gift of travel! 

Holiday Travel – It’s that time of year again! Between accommodation booking, transportation and more, travelers are planning where to spend the last few months of 2022. From last-minute vacations to use up neglected PTO to family visits celebrating the holidays, travelers are looking at how to coordinate their travel plans, avoid pesky air travel issues and stick within their budget.

Tips & Tricks for How to Avoid Another Airmaggedon – This summer saw unprecedented flight delays and derailments, and that is a trend that is, unfortunately, not going away anytime soon. Lost baggage, flight delays and cancellations are all top of mind. Travelers are gearing up for their holiday plans and looking for answers on how to brace themselves for a continuation of this summer’s issues, while hopefully airlines have adapted to handle the uptick in flyers. Make yourself a part of the conversation with ways to mitigate potential flightmares! 

What’s New in 2023 Can you believe we are already asking this question? It may be hard to fathom, but journalists are already looking ahead to see what the next new thing will be in the upcoming year. Make sure you are at the forefront of any inquiries with fresh offerings, packages and programming to build buzz heading into 2023. 


Premier week is behind us, and with new seasons come new opportunities. Live with Kelly and Ryan, The Kelly Clarkson Show and more have all started their fall seasons and are looking for fresh content to carry them through the quarter. 

NBC launched a new midday news show, NBC News Daily, to compete with GMA3, offering a whole new block of opportunity in the broadcast world. The show features a wide scope of topics that range from finances to health, consumer, climate and more. 

Both Jennifer Hudson and Sherri Shepherd have launched new daytime talk shows, The Jennifer Hudson Show and Sherri, marking a noticeable change in the daytime television landscape. 

CNN as a network is also undergoing a reformation and will have a whole new look. They are transforming their evening programming, with journalists like Don Lemon shifted to their morning slots and new talent taking over the evening screens.