How to Get on the Cover of Travel + Leisure

April 15, 2019

The British Virgin Islands graced the cover of Travel + Leisure’s Caribbean issue, reaching an incredible circulation of 969,266. Ad value: $653,200; exposure: priceless.

It was autumn when we first won the BVI account. The destination was still recovering from the Category 5 hurricanes that tore through islands and devasted 90% of its accommodations and attractions. As far as public perception went, the region was still in ruins — but in reality, BVI’s charter yacht and sailing industry had rebounded, airlift and ferry service reopened, and infrastructure was reemerging steadily. It was our job to get that message out in time for the destination’s peak season.

At that moment, timing was critical. We had a brand-new account with a timely hook and Travel + Leisure’s annual Caribbean issue was just around the corner.

So our very first outreach was to the publication’s newly appointed editor-in-chief, Jacqueline Gifford.

Thanks to our long relationship with Jacqui, she responded immediately and listened to our pitch about the BVI’s incredible comeback. Although she had already sent several writers to destinations throughout the Caribbean for this issue, she was intrigued by this exclusive angle. We set everything in motion: coordinating itineraries for two photographers through multiple islands, looping in local partners, and providing the latest updates on recovery efforts.

By all standards this was a whirlwind of a project, executed within weeks and only a few months from pitch to newsstands. It was the direct result of our deep understanding of the best outlet for a news scoop, leveraging our relationship at the very top of the chain, and nimbly executing the details.