Insights Making Headlines April Edition

May 12, 2020

April was a phenomenal month of visibility for MMGY Global with our thought leadership and executives featured in 100 placements throughout top-tier consumer, business and trade outlets, including Los Angeles Times, New York Daily News, Advertising Age and more. The Los Angeles Times piece was syndicated and continues to generate additional coverage nationally.

The North American PR team finalized and distributed Wave II, III and IV of  MMGY Travel Intelligence and Destinations International Foundation’s survey, as well as Waves I and III of the USTA TIPS survey results. The team also announced the WTTC #TogetherInTravel campaign, and MMGY Global’s Buy One, Give One launch in partnership with HSMAI.

Please find the agency’s PR report attached. You can download the April 2020 clip report here. 

PR: Total impressions in April 2020 came to 136,242,925 and 100 placements.

Overall Coverage

U.S. Total: 97 placements | 135,508,725 impressions

U.K. Total: 3 placements | 734,200 impressions

 Yearly Comparison:

  • We generated 44,559,357 impressions and 19 placements in April 2019 vs. 100 placements and 136,242,925 impressions in April 2020.

 Coverage highlights include:

  • Los Angeles Times (UVM: 8,356,467) – When can we travel again? Experts share their predictions
  • Ad Age Marketer’s Brief Podcast (UVM: 125,200) – The road to travel recovery post COVID-19
  • New York Daily News (UVM: 27,28,247) – When Can We Travel Again? Experts Share Their Predictions