Insights Making Headlines June Edition

July 21, 2020

June was another fantastic month of exposure for MMGY Global, with our work covered in 57 placements throughout top-tier consumer, business and trade outlets, including AFAR, The New York Times, Travel + Leisure and Business Insider, as well as quotes from Katie Briscoe and Clayton Reid included in The Globe & Mail and Barron’s Penta. 

The MMGY NJF PR team finalized and distributed the approved Wave VI Travel Safety Barometer survey results as well as the press release announcing the launches of MMGY’s National Co-Op “Where Can Travel Take You” campaign and MMGY Myriad and Travel Market Report’s Travel Advisor Barometer. Additionally, the team distributed a release with the North American results from MMGY Global and Travel Consul’s global survey. 

You can download the June 2020 clip report here

PR: Total impressions in June 2020 came to 154,625,680 and 57 placements.

Overall Coverage

U.S. Total: 56 placements | 154,279,880 impressions

U.K. Total: 1 placements | 345,800 impressions

Yearly Comparison:

  • We generated 149,248,998 impressions and 18 placements in June 2019 vs. 57 placements and 154,625,680 impressions in June 2020.

Coverage highlights include:

A big thanks to the MMGY NJF PR team for their ongoing efforts to engage with media and continue to elevate the agency’s visibility.