Insights Making Headlines: May 2019 Edition

May 31, 2019

In May 2019, MMGY Global’s work in both North America and the United Kingdom was covered in 31 placements throughout top-tier consumer and trade outlets, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, Forbes, Outside, Travel Weekly, Travel Agent Central UK edition and more.

The Agency PR team distributed a press release announcing NJF’s new business wins and sent save the date invites for the upcoming POAT Launch on July 10 to top-tier media, already securing AFAR, Skift, Travel Market Report and more to attend the event.

Additionally, the Agency PR team arranged two separate phone interviews with Travel Weekly’s Jamie Biesiada for Clayton Reid and Chris Davidson. Hills Balfour also coordinated an email interview with Amanda Hills Balfour for inclusion in an upcoming article for The Daily Telegraph.

Please find the agency’s PR and social media report attached. You can download the May 2019 clip report here.

PR: Total impressions in May 2019 came to 152,642,527 and 31 placements.

Coverage highlights include:

Washington Post: This column, titled “A Look Ahead at Summer Travel” written by Christopher Elliott, comes as a result of the Agency PR team’s pitching efforts surrounding agency research, as well as providing expert commentary from Craig Compagnone for inclusion in the story. The piece also links to Clayton’s recent travel recession post on the company website.

Forbes: “Why We Need A National Road Trip Day” – Contributor Christopher Elliott also included research from MMGY Global in his article about the rise in popularity of American road trips.

The New York Times: Coming as a result of working with freelance writer Nora Walsh, this piece titled “Vacation Ideas Even a Teenager Will Love” cites statistics from the 2018 POAT study in regards to the influence children have on family vacation destinations. The print version of the article run on May 12.

Today Show Online:Vacation Ideas Even A Teenager Will Love” This piece was syndicated from Nora Walsh’s online NYTimes piece.

Travel Weekly: As a result of coordinating an interview with editor Jamie Biedsiada and Chris Davidson to provide expert commentary for a story on female security while traveling, MMGY Global was featured, both in print and online, in an article titled “Traveling While Female

Travel Weekly: Another piece from Jamie Biesieda featuring MMGY Global came as a result of an interview we coordinated with Clayton Reid. The story, titled “Despite some worrisome signs, robust travel economy expected,” includes discussion and statistics surrounding MMGY’s recent travel sentiment index.

Travel Age West:MMGY Global: Safety Concerns May Hurt Travel” – This article comes as a result of our recent TravelHorizons pitching efforts, citing the MMGY Global findings regarding growing safety concerns among travelers.

• Travel Market Report: ‘We Are Headed for a Travel Recession,’ Says MMGY Global — But Advisors Beg to Differ – This piece references Clayton’s ‘It’s Time to Call It – We Are Headed for a Travel Recession’ article from the company website.

O’Dwyer’s:Accounts in Transit: Finn Partners Works 2019 PwC Detroit Grand Premiere; Diffusion Tunes Into Primephonic; NJF Visits Dallas, Rides Amtrak; Stella Rising Adds Maker of ‘Period-Proof’ Underwear” – This mention comes as a result of the recent distribution of a new business pitch highlighting new clients including Visit Dallas, Amtrak, Marmara, Kennebunkport Resort Collection, The Whitley, The Kixby, Aventuras Mayas and Fitler Club.

• Travel Agent Central: As Theresa May Steps Down, What’s Next for Brexit and Travel? This article includes mention of MMGY Global and statistic on Millennials from recent POUKT