Insights Making Headlines: September Edition

October 1, 2019

In September and October of 2019, MMGY Global’s work in both North America and the United Kingdom was covered in 23 placements throughout top-tier consumer, business and trade outlets, including Forbes, Quartz, Hospitality Net and more. 

The North American PR team assisted with scheduling interviews with executive team members regarding results from the Portrait of American Travelers® study, as well as distributed a travelhorizonsTM press release and new business wins pitch.

 The PR team also arranged an interview with Brandon Billings, VP Social Media and Content Strategy, and a reporter from Skift for a story on the social media impact on tourism in the Dominican Republic following negative press this summer. In addition, they worked with the research team to provide Travel Market Report’s Jessica Montevago with statistics on sustainability in regard to hotels.

Please find the agency’s PR and social media report attached. You can download the September/October 2019 clip report here

PR: Total impressions in September/October 2019 came to 89,426,941 and 23 placements.

Overall Coverage

U.S. Total: 22 placements | 89,418,441 UVMs / Circ. N/A

U.K. Total: 1 placement | 8,500 UVMs / Circ. N/A

 Yearly Comparison:

  • We generated 59,319,604 impressions and 17 placements in September 2019 and 30,107,337 impressions and 6 placements in October 2019 vs. 32 placements and 41,081,930 impressions in September 2018 and 29 placements and 154,375,016 impressions in October 2018.

 Coverage highlights include:

  • Forbes – Portrait of American Travelers® data regarding road trips was included in this piece about the most scenic leaf-peeping destinations in the U.S., along with a few NJF clients as well.
  • Travel Market Report – As a result of our travelhorizonsTM press release, Travel Market Report published a feature on the findings, focusing on the fact that Americans want more culturally immersive experiences when traveling.
  • Media Post Agency Daily  – Coming as a result of pitching the Costa Rica creative campaign, Media Post Agency Daily published a feature article highlighting the work.