Crisis Risk Assessment and Media Training Offerings

June 20, 2023

Crisis Risk Assessment

Research shows less than 50% of CEOs feel their brands are prepared for a major crisis. It’s critical in today’s media environment, where headlines spread globally in an instant, that brands have comprehensive crisis communications plans in place that address the most likely crisis scenarios facing their business. Just one crisis can have devastating consequences for your brand for months or even years.

Crisis mitigation starts with preparation. To inquire further about how our crisis experts can help you, contact: Andrea Braunstein, Vice President & Director of Crisis Communications at

Media Spokesperson Training

Every media engagement is an opportunity to showcase your brand. Our media/spokesperson training is tailored to empower your executives and brand representatives to thrive in any interview environment (on camera, in person, virtually or on the phone). Depending on your organization’s needs, both half- and full-day sessions are available to amplify your messages and successfully position your brand in the public eye.

To inquire further about how our media training experts can help you, contact: Julie Freeman, EVP & Managing Director at