Transforming a Hotel into a Destination

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Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
  • Brand Positioning


After a $100 million renovation and a highly publicized national destination event, Hamilton Princess & Beach Club was seeking PR strategies to maintain their press momentum. The hotel also wanted to attract a younger audience in addition to their traditional business traveler clientele.


We built a media relations strategy that would position the hotel as a high-end destination unto itself – a place where discerning travelers don’t just come to Bermuda, they come to the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. Utilizing the property’s key differentiators – the marina, the art collection, its proximity to town and the private beach club – the team pitched media with all kinds of travelers in mind. Relying heavily on top-tier media relationships, we secured individual press visits with confirmed stories that positioned the hotel as a completely one stop shop destination. In addition, sourcing on-brand partnerships for in-kind trades and developing low-cost high-yield hotel programming was crucial to maintaining media coverage throughout the low season.

The team pitched stories in newspapers in target markets on North America’s east coast and in top travel publications, targeting affluent young adults and Millennials with disposable income, promoting the benefits of solo travel and weekend getaways to build the narrative that the hotel caters to every kind of traveler. Key markets were major cities in North America’s east coast including Boston, New York, DC, Atlanta, Charlotte, Baltimore, Miami, Chicago and Toronto.


The campaign garnered over 350 million impressions from 50 placements. Over a dozen stories referenced the hotel as a destination for a specific type of traveler (i.e., art enthusiasts, solo travelers, couples, families) with relevant experiences outlined.

  • 273 Room As a result of the cyber Monday Campaign

    The most successful the hotel has seen to date

  • 25% Saturation

    Of agreed upon media wish list

  • 350 Million Media Impressions

    From 50 media placements

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