Commandeering the Story in Mexico's Premier Tourism Destination

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Los Cabos Tourism Board
  • Crisis & Issues Management
  • Media Relations
  • Public Relations


Los Cabos enjoys an undisputed reputation as Mexico’s premier tourism destination, thanks to NJF’s work to keep Los Cabos at the forefront of the media since 2016. The team has relentlessly focused on promoting the destination’s growth and protecting its reputation in light of 2017 safety concerns.

NJF was selected as the tourism board’s agency of record to shape its story, forge relationships with top media, and develop events to bring the destination’s essence to life in major U.S. markets.


NJF has focused on generating coverage with substantive message penetration and forged alliances with media influencers and travel agents.

  • Press Trips: To date, NJF has hosted more than 100 journalists in the destination to experience the best of Los Cabos, generating hundreds of stories that cast a light on the people and experiences that make Los Cabos more than a fun-in-the-sun destination.
  • Media & Travel Agent Events: NJF has produced events featuring the destination’s top chefs and mixologists in several major U.S. cities. These events provide a platform for hoteliers to speak one-on-one with key opinion leaders and showcase the scale of quality offerings in the destination.
  • Crisis Planning & Management: In 2017, the destination saw a reported 200 percent increase in violence. In response, NJF developed a crisis playbook that aimed to align all industry stakeholders on how to address safety issues. NJF also developed strategic recommendations to enlist advocates among media and travel agents to mitigate incendiary headlines.
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Speaking to Los Cabos' unique offerings, NJF promoted the destination's continued safety while commandeering the narrative in a positive light.

  • 510 Stories

    secured in top national media in the U.S. and Canada, generating 231,674,433 impressions.

  • 108 Journalists

    hosted in the destination.

  • 20% Increase

    in U.S. visitation to Los Cabos over 2016, making 2017 Los Cabos' strongest year of tourism since 2010.

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